72% of websites are vulnerable to attack.

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3 Principles of Security

Security in today’s day and age is paramount to your success and reputation.

Principle #1

Proper Coding Standards

Believe it or not most code is not created with security in mind. It’s created with functionality in mind. In other words, as long as the code achieves the client requirement then that is all that matters. Unfortunately, this is the way most developers approach programming requirements. When proper coding standards are followed, not only is the code secure, but it is scalable, meaning that it is easier and cheaper to add more functionality.
Principle #2

Secure Hosting

An often overlooked aspect of security is hosting. Most people think that hosting is all the same so the one with the lowest price is the best one. This type of thinking has led to a real lack of security. Not all web hosting companies are the same. There are a lot of hosts that simply are out of date with security patches. Or they simply shut down your site when it is hacked and tell you to fix it at your cost. Our progress coordinators make sure that all aspects of your site are taken care of. We don’t leave you to your devices. We make sure all your technology needs are taken care of.
Principle #3

Security Planning

Security is not a one time event. It’s a constant effort to find security holes and patch them. Technology advances quickly and if you don’t have a a security exper on your team you will fall behind very quickly. A plan must be in place of how security is going to be handled. We create your security plan. It’s imperative to have an ongoing and offensive security plan in place to actively stay on top of cyber security threats. Our progress coordinatars work with your ogranization to create a security plan that fits your organization.