Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard Keeps Your WordPress Site Protected

Being protected means being proactive about security. That is exactly the reason why Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard was created. Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard is designed to look into every aspect of your WordPress site to find and secure vulnerabilities. Included in our services are:

  • An Endpoint Firewall & Security Scanner
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • WordPress specific analysis
  • Database and File investigation

* Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard will be released Jan 15th, 2019

Site Scan + Website Safeguard Plugin
  • Comprehensive Site Scan both external and internal(within 3 days of purchase)
  • Free cleanup of infected files(within 3 days of purchase)
  • 1 License for Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard *
  • Free installation and configuration of Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard*
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How to Secure Your Site

3 types of security hep mitigate the risk of your site being infected

Endpoint Firewall

A Web Application Firewall(WAF) is needed to proactively block malicious attempts to compromise a server. This is often called an “Endpoint firewall.” This is a way to block certain servers and users from accessing the application based on their location, IP address, file they are trying to access, and a host of other criteria.

Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard is designed to proactively block malicious attacks. We give you complete control of who visits your site and for what purpose. You can block specific bots based on IP, User Agent, IP Range, Geography and much much more.

73.3% of WordPress Sites are Vulnerable to Attack


Database and File Investigation

If a site is infected it is not enough to simply fix the exploit. The exploit has been used already and the infectious files are now on your server. The database and the and files themselves need to be cleaned. If not, the malware is still going to continue infecting your site and make.

Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard routinely scans and fixes problems in the database and files so that your site stays secure. Our software will do a pattern analysis that recognizes malware and then remove making sure core files and the database are not compromised and are functioning properly.


Only around 40% of WordPress sites are up to date and secure


WordPress Specific Security

WordPress is a fantastic content management system that is very extendable. Not all of the functionality that exists within WordPress is needed by every site. Left unattended, this functionality can become a liability.

Cytrus Logic Website Safeguard gives you flexibility in how you use WordPress. The software allows you block access to certain files, block directory access, and implement security features for login that eliminate security loopholes.